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Earn to Die for Android

Ready to try out adventures for yourself? A game full of unpredictable events that keep you challenged and interested to explore even more. You can start driving your car through a zombie apocalypse in the game named Earn to Die. You can keep calm and not worry as there is an evacuation ship waiting on the other side of the country for you to get there safe and sound.

The only obstacle you might face is the city standing in your way: city after city overrun by zombies. All you need to play the game is just a run-down car and a little amount of money at hand just for a rainy day, in case you need anything in the game. And the crazy drive through hordes of zombies starts where you need to make every effort possible to survive and move forward.


What attracts players in the game is the brand new mode of the story you see.
Earn to Die 2 offers a completely new Story Mode to the players which is five times longer compared with its predecessor. Here you no longer see the familiar desert setting as in this game you delve into the depths of cities which is deeply infested by zombies.

As for the levels if this game, they are multi-tiered. Players can drive across the decayed highway overpasses or alternatively they can go through the underground tunnels or past the epic factories full of zombies. Choosing the path is up to you and you are to choose which path to take in order to advance. In any case you will not manage to escape the zombies, they are everywhere. All you can do in this case is to smash through them as this is the only solution to this game.

To achieve your goal, you can build a zombie – smashing machine. Playing the game, you will have the chance to unlock and upgrade 10 quite different vehicles like a sports car, a fire truck or maybe an ice-cream van. Every vehicle you see can be well equipped with a big deal of upgrades like armored frames, roof-mounted guns, boosters and many more. No chance for the zombies to survive. It’s the end of the world for them, their time has come. The vehicles in the game are fully destructible. This makes you be even more attentive not to have major losses in the game. You might lose your possessions and this make you feel even more responsible for the actions you take. Face the challenge of seeing more zombies, destruction and what not.


Earn to Die 2 is a 2D racing game available for Androids as well where players drive through a post-apocalyptic area that is fully stuck by various challenging obstacles and zombies and at the same time both gasoline and humanity are rare. This is the main challenging part of the game.

The manner of the play is like the same way you play many other games of this type. You will find the accelerate and turbo buttons on the right side of the screen. The buttons used in order to turn the vehicle are on the left side of the screen. Using these controls, you will enjoy the gameplay and get engaged in the game without noticing what is going on in your surroundings.


Play Vex Unblocked anywhere

Do you love playing games and are you looking for something exciting and challenging? Do you like a game that you can play anywhere you want? In that case, the Vex game series will be a perfect fit. See how this game will entertain you.

In all vex games, you will guide the stick figure in its dangerous adventure. Make him run, jump, slide, swim or even climb cliffs as needed. Just be careful with all the deadly obstacles scattered everywhere your way. One contact with those noxious impediments will cost you a life. Nevertheless, there are checkpoints you will be passing by. In case you got caught or you die, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have passed by.


There are two modes to play the game: the pre-developed game and the Stage Builder mode. In the pre-developed game, the stick figure will travel through several levels or Acts and will head to the exit doors of each act. But before you go through the levels, you will be introduced to the Tutorial stage where you will be familiarized with the controls of the game and what to expect in playing.

Another mode of playing Vex games is the Stage Builder mode. In this mode, you can make your very own stage or act. Now is your chance to show your creativity. There is a ready building tools you can use. However, they are so limited that your creation might not be that artistic and exciting. Not to worry though. You simply have to play the pre-developed game made by the game developers. As you play, you will unlock more building tools. By the time you finish the pre-developed game, you will have good tools enough to build a decent and challenging stage.

The Vex game series is a very addicting and challenging adventure skill game. The first game, Vex has an unblocked version now. That means you can play it even if you are in school or in the office or in the comfort of your house. However, take note that you can play anywhere you want as long as playing will not hinder you work, studies or other obligations.

Hospital Frenzy 2 free download

Are you fond of playing time management games? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a nurse attendant? Then click here to play Hospital Frenzy 2. Experience how to be a busy nurse attendant in a three-story hospital. Work under pressure as you assist patients as fast as possible.


If you want to play Hospital Frenzy 2, be prepared to assist patients and bring them to the right doctor or to the correct hospital service. It might be a little tiring especially if patients need to go to different levels of the hospital. Yet, it will still be satisfying to serve everyone in need.

Hospital Frenzy 2 has ten levels for you to play. As a nurse attendant, you work twelve hours each day and that is from eight to eight. Each level has a goal which you will find on the top of the play screen. Next to your goal, you will see the number of patients your hospital had treated. Your hospital also earns cash after serving patients. You can use the cash to upgrade your facilities in the Shop. There are eighteen upgrades you can purchase in the Shop. Upgrades increases your earnings. Unlock the Ambulance and Helicopter services as soon as possible.

There are six Achievements to gain in Hospital Frenzy 2. Be sure to collect them all before the tenth level. When you click here to play, try your best to achieve your goal the soonest and to gain thee stars. You can earn three stars if you reach your goal early. Give your best too for you cannot repeat or go back to a level unless you will delete the saved data of the game. Hospital Frenzy 2 is an addicting fun simulation game. You can click here to play it for free and have fun.

maze game download for mobile

Are you looking for a challenging skill game? Are you using an Apple device? Are you brave enough to try a scary game? Then try playing Play Scary Maze Game and see how far you can go.

Scary Maze Game (3)

Play Scary Maze Game is a game where you have to remember one rule and one rule only. That is to cross the maze without touching the walls of the maze. Take note that touching the walls of the maze is fatal. You will have to restart the level all over again if you touch the walls of the maze. So you really have to be careful as you cross the maze, especially on mazes with narrow roads and too many turns.

The game will test and enhance some of your skills, your hand and eye coordination for one. You have to see to it that you will not touch the walls of the maze as you cross it. You also need to be patient and concentrated as you play the game. There would be a lot of disturbances in and out of the game. And crossing the maze is not all easy; some mazes would seem to be impossible to cross without touching the walls. So, great patience is required.

Play Scary Maze game is like a collection of several Scary Maze games previously released. But at the beginning of the game, all other levels or Scary Maze games are locked. To unlock them, you will have to collect the required number of stars which you will find along the mazes. Once you have collected the number of stars needed, the next level will automatically unlock.

Play Scary Maze game is totally for free. You can download it at without being charged. There may be in-app purchases yet they are merely optional and not required in to progress in playing the game. And more, you can share it with your family and friends for a prank. Just remember that the game is not for people with weak hearts or those with heart conditions.

Triple the fun in hunting with Cactus McCoy 3

This is the third installment from the game series called Cactus McCoy. This third serving continues the adventure of the cursed treasure hunter. There is a reason why the title is Cactus McCoy. There is a treasure hunter who is going on a treasure hunt when suddenly, he picked an item that is cursed and it made him turned into a cactus man. Going back to the main topic, there is a new adventure awaiting the main character. He must go and find treasures on different islands.


Your mission as the player in this game is to help McCoy find the required item in each level while surviving the dangers of the island. The dangers pertain to natural ones and the enemy treasure hunters too. If you encounter one, you must be able to defeat him using the provided weapon in the game. Make sure that you are able to find the necessary items to win in this particular edition.