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Cowboys vs. Pirates: Gonna shoot em all

Cowboys in a pub are best seen in old movies of west coast. However, Pirates are antagonists of the sea. But in Cowboys vs. Pirates, you will enjoy their fight in a morbid way. This is a fast-paced one player Zombie game that will surely pump your heart so fast.


Your character is equipped with revolver that needs few second buff time after 10 rounds. The enemies are zombie pirates in a pub and you will be at the center of the square tile map. Round tables, chairs, and cabinet can be your defense because zombies to spontaneously walk to grab you. So you have move around and lure these mobs in a distance where you can shoot them. In fact, they will die in one shot. But they spawn so fast that zombies can attack you from behind. That is the catch. You have to kill these brain-eaters while running away from them. Cowboys vs. Pirates will excite your inner cowboy.

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