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Eradicate Crimes in Hambo 2

If you are not familiar with the Hambo series, it is a great physics puzzle game.  In the original series, Hambo helped to rescue his friend Bacon from the POW camp.  Now, the friends are back in Hambo 2 to create havoc to the lives of the mobsters headed by Pig Capone.  In this game, it is their mission to clean the city of the old 50’s gangs.  Just like the first Hambo game, the game mechanics stayed the same.  You have nice weapons that you can use like; pistols, tommy guns, rocket launchers and a lot more.  You know you got the skills to outsmart the criminal pigs. Now, it is time for you to bring the Hambo hammer down on crimes.  This game would bring you more challenging levels that would keep you hooked on for hours.  Hambo 2 is an absolute stroke of genius! It is something different, very innovative and inspired.

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