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Escape the enchantment in The Awakening

What will you do if you are stuck in a mysterious place? Will you panic or stay calm? These situations are indeed shocking and seem surreal but being open-minded and calm can lead you to answers as well as your safe exit on the said place. It is hard to prepare for such scenario which all of us wish not to happen. If you still want to be ready, you can have an idea of how it is being set up in a mysterious place with the help of the game called The Awakening.

This game is created by Boomzap Entertainment to offer to gamers who want out of the box themes. The scenario in this game is that you awake in a forest without any memory left of the situation. The good thing is that you have a sword as a weapon. Your mission is to find an exit out of the forest by finding objects and clues which are essential in your objective. The sword is intended for fighting against enemies and breaking obstacles in the forest. If you are good in finding missing things and clues, then this is the perfect game for you.

The Awakening

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