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Get Crazy With Super Nail Salon!

Girls get ready because you will fall for this amazing game! In Super Nail Salon you are a nails master! Your goal is to your customer’s nails. Every girl likes to be pretty and to have nice nails. Nowadays gel nails are very popular and every girl likes to try them out. But now it is your turn to do somebody else’s nails. Do you think you can do that? It isn’t so hard and you will get familiar with the game very quickly.
First you will choose a character, that is, your customer. Then you can choose nail shape and nail length. It is completely your decision. Then you can choose from different nails polish colors. You can choose from different animations and patterns. This can be a lot of fun! But this isn’t all! After you are done with the nails, you can put some jewelry and other accessories for hands! Check out some useful content!

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