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Get in the car and crush zombies with Earn To Die 2 Exodus

Are you imagining of being a hero in a post-apocalyptic era? If you are positive about it, then you will get hooked with the flash game that will be tackled in this article. The name of the flash game is Earn To Die 2 Exodus. This is a new chapter from the zombie-themed flash game series called Earn To Die. The players of this game will have to deal with hordes of zombies as well as eliminating them with the help of certain vehicles. This is about ruthless killing of brain-eaters but only in a virtual world since there are no approved evidence that zombies exist in real life. If you want to know more about this game, just continue reading the next content of this article.

There are zombies that are easy to crush because of the fact that they are slow while others are aggressive which are very tough to crush. You can use different types of vehicles with corresponding power or performance level. The faster or quicker you move, the higher the chance you will get high scores. This game is perfect for thrill seekers out there.

earn to die 2 exodus

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