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Hambo and Bacon are Back with Hambo 2

Hambo is a phenomenal physics puzzle game.  Now, Hambo and his trusty sidekick and top cop Bacon are back to eradicate crimes in Liberty City by eliminating crooked pig mobsters in Hambo 2.  This sequel has more weapons and more levels for you to enjoy.  Assuming the role of Hambo, it is now in your hands to do the job.   You must be discerning, cautious, dangerous and cold.  You must administer justice while avoiding pain.   You need to use every weapon at your disposal to combat the mobsters.  You have to play every level by destroying your enemies with weapons you have in your collection.  In some cases they are easy beat but you can also skip levels if you find a particular level too difficult for you.  This is a terrific feature of the game since sometimes we get frustrated if we cannot finish a certain level.  I really love this game.

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