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Hospital Frenzy 2 free download

Are you fond of playing time management games? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a nurse attendant? Then click here to play Hospital Frenzy 2. Experience how to be a busy nurse attendant in a three-story hospital. Work under pressure as you assist patients as fast as possible.


If you want to play Hospital Frenzy 2, be prepared to assist patients and bring them to the right doctor or to the correct hospital service. It might be a little tiring especially if patients need to go to different levels of the hospital. Yet, it will still be satisfying to serve everyone in need.

Hospital Frenzy 2 has ten levels for you to play. As a nurse attendant, you work twelve hours each day and that is from eight to eight. Each level has a goal which you will find on the top of the play screen. Next to your goal, you will see the number of patients your hospital had treated. Your hospital also earns cash after serving patients. You can use the cash to upgrade your facilities in the Shop. There are eighteen upgrades you can purchase in the Shop. Upgrades increases your earnings. Unlock the Ambulance and Helicopter services as soon as possible.

There are six Achievements to gain in Hospital Frenzy 2. Be sure to collect them all before the tenth level. When you click here to play, try your best to achieve your goal the soonest and to gain thee stars. You can earn three stars if you reach your goal early. Give your best too for you cannot repeat or go back to a level unless you will delete the saved data of the game. Hospital Frenzy 2 is an addicting fun simulation game. You can click here to play it for free and have fun.

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