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Play the miniature ball consistently in Legend of PingPong

Table Tennis is one of the growing sports in the entire world. It is like a miniature tennis sport. There are similarities between the two mentioned sports. First is both of them uses racket but the only difference is that the former uses a small one while the latter uses a big one. Second is the ball where the former uses a little ball while the other uses a medium size. Last is both features a net but the difference is that the former has small net while the latter has a big one.

This content that you are currently reading features a great game about Table Tennis. The game is called Legend of PingPong. This has an interesting story to know and a gameplay that is challenging and entertaining at the same time. The mission in this game is to choose a level or a nation to play in and do the usual table tennis game. There are five nations that you can choose from such as China, Japan, Korea, France and Sweden. Each has their own level of difficulty.

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