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Play Vex Unblocked anywhere

Do you love playing games and are you looking for something exciting and challenging? Do you like a game that you can play anywhere you want? In that case, the Vex game series will be a perfect fit. See how this game will entertain you.

In all vex games, you will guide the stick figure in its dangerous adventure. Make him run, jump, slide, swim or even climb cliffs as needed. Just be careful with all the deadly obstacles scattered everywhere your way. One contact with those noxious impediments will cost you a life. Nevertheless, there are checkpoints you will be passing by. In case you got caught or you die, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have passed by.


There are two modes to play the game: the pre-developed game and the Stage Builder mode. In the pre-developed game, the stick figure will travel through several levels or Acts and will head to the exit doors of each act. But before you go through the levels, you will be introduced to the Tutorial stage where you will be familiarized with the controls of the game and what to expect in playing.

Another mode of playing Vex games is the Stage Builder mode. In this mode, you can make your very own stage or act. Now is your chance to show your creativity. There is a ready building tools you can use. However, they are so limited that your creation might not be that artistic and exciting. Not to worry though. You simply have to play the pre-developed game made by the game developers. As you play, you will unlock more building tools. By the time you finish the pre-developed game, you will have good tools enough to build a decent and challenging stage.

The Vex game series is a very addicting and challenging adventure skill game. The first game, Vex has an unblocked version now. That means you can play it even if you are in school or in the office or in the comfort of your house. However, take note that you can play anywhere you want as long as playing will not hinder you work, studies or other obligations.

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