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Reach the Server Arena in Duck Life 7

Duck Life 7 is the seventh serving from the highly-addicting game series called Duck Life. The series basically features the process a duckling undergo before it becomes a full grown duck. Since this is already the seventh serving, you can expect for more upgrades and developments. But before that, let us tackle two factors on why Duck Life 7 is a great edition. One is because of the added levels which means longer playing time and the other one is because of the challenges that the players will be facing which is daunting but manageable. The mechanics in this game is still the same with the previous editions.

Duck Life 7 (1)

The players will have to deal with a duckling which they will have to train on how to fly, climb, swim and run. After such rigorous training, it is time for the duckling to join the competition and try to reach the championship stage and eventually, win the championship trophy. This seventh edition offers three servers which are pond, river and creek plus the additional server which is the Server Arena. If you want more information, just visit

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