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Red Ball 4 level 9

If you will look for an adventure game that you can play on your free time, the Red Ball game series will surely make your playing time worthwhile. Every quest will surely make you enjoy and have fun. It is an adventure skill game. You will guide the red ball as he venture to his goal. And in Red Ball 4 volume 1, his goal is to stop Black Square’s evil plan of turning all red balls into red squares.

Play as the cute little Red Ball and venture in the grassy hills in the aim to reach the location of Black Square. You will mostly be running throughout your trip. There will also be some jumping as the need arise. It would not be an easy journey. There are lots of dangers along the way. Black Square’s minions are on the lose. Do not get in touch with them for you will die. Though, you can jump on them to kill them and increase your score.

Red Ball 4 volume 1 is consists of fifteen exciting levels. You are given three lives to play the whole game. Although it is actually absurd for even when you have used all three lives, you can still play the game from where you left off as long as your computer memory is not cleared. The first few levels are easy to survive. However, as you move up, levels become harder. One of the hardest levels is level 9. It will really make you think and plan your step. If you cannot get through a level, you can check videos of players who had finish the game.


As you go through your adventure, you also need to collect all the golden stars along your way. Some of the golden stars are too high to reach even when you jump as high as you can. You can then use the rocks or wooden crates along your way and jump on them to reach higher places or reach the stars. These golden stars will greatly contribute for you to get a high score.

In addition to the challenge of reaching the end of each level where a red flag is located, try to complete all sixteen Achievements.

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