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Survive in Strike Force Heroes 3

If you are looking for a game full of action, play the Strike Force Heroes game series. It is a war-like game where you will be shooting all enemies you will see. Enjoy shooting all you want and do not forget to pick up power ups.

This is the third installment of the addicting action-packed game. You will enjoy not only the challenging missions, you will also love the interesting storyline and high quality graphics. It is also said that it is the longest and most challenging among the series.


Strike force heroes 3 begins with a clipping where GlobeX is having a secret meeting with his allies in an unknown location. He said that the army of clones is now ready. And that the world will only blame the strike force heroes. He also said that only one Strike force heroes member is not in control yet. That one is you. It is now your job to stop GlobeX and the army of clones at all cost. But then, you do not have any idea who and where GlobeX is. Also appointed as the captain of the prestige military team, all decisions pertaining to the team are all yours to make. It is you who will decide how many team members you will take, the colors of your teams’ uniform and all other decisions.

In Strike force heroes 3, you will indulge in fifty missions. The first twenty missions are normal in difficulty. The next nine missions, missions twenty one to twenty eight, are hard in difficulty. The remaining missions, missions twenty nine to fifty, are the most difficult ones. Each mission has different objectives and rewards from the other missions. Some of the rewards are cash, a new strike force heroes or a combination of both. Winning in a mission will also unlock the next mission. You can use your cash in upgrading your heroes and in buying accessories for them.

The game Strike force heroes 3 is an exciting and thrilling game you will surely love. What more, you can play it totally for free. You do not need to pay an amount and there is no need to create or login to any account.

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